All you need to know about Schulz (without make-up)

The magazine “Spiegel” presented him as the new Messiah. Other media also celebrate M. Schulz, the chancellor candidate. And it’s true, he’s like a fresh breeze in Berlin. However, he was not the same man in Brussels.

I took the time to delve deep into the archives and gather information about Schulz. Some disturbing facts came to light:

• In the European Parliament Schulz left behind a pile of rubble, his companions find themselves frustrated and isolated after the end of GroKo.

• He devalued Brussels’ lobby register and gave group representatives unrestricted access to the Parliament. In contrast, he locked out the Russian ambassador.

• At the height of the Greek crisis he called for the deprivation of power of the Greek Premier Tsipras and to establish an unelected technocrat government.

• He has been campaigning in the European elections in 2014 that he will see to it that Europe will finally become German – even with an advertisement in the magazine “Bild”.

• He helped shrink the EU budget and even undermined customary democratic procedures in the European Parliament,

This does not sit well with the image of the “confident European”. Rather, in Brussels and Strasbourg Schulz revealed himself as a flexible power-greedy politician, in Berlin it is unlikely to be any different.

More from the Schulz archive can be found here. In the shop you can also find my updated portrait of the chancellor candidate. Only the title has remained the same: “The eternal front-runner”.

That said, Schulz lost the European elections of 2014…

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