Merkel, von der Leyen and the “Great Reset”

In Europe, resentment against excessive Corona measures is growing. But Germany’s Chancellor Merkel does not seem to mind: Everything must go even faster, she demands at the Davos Forum under the title “The Great Reset”.

This time the motto of the meeting is “The Great Reset”, Merkel begins her virtual appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

She sees the problem, however, less in the objectives of the reset (which are quite controversial) than in the implementation of the necessary measures.

Everything must be done much faster if the pandemic is to be brought under control, the Chancellor said. This also applies to Germany, she said.

“The speed of our actions leaves a lot to be desired.” Processes have often become very bureaucratic and take too long, she said.

Apparently she means the Corona measures, which were not imposed as quickly as she wanted. Digitalisation also leaves much to be desired.

Merkel’s party colleague, EU Commission chief von der Leyen, expressed similar views. She, too, supports the goal of the “Great Reset” issued by WEF chief Schwab.

The theme of a “new start” is an important accent, she claimed. New impulses are needed, for example, to combat the covid crisis and future pandemics.

The EU will try to create a biotechnology programme in the form of a public-private partnership, von der Leyen said.

In this programme, pathogens should be discovered and vaccines researched, developed and produced on a large scale.

This sounds a lot like Biontech and CureVac – apparently the German EU president also thinks of “Germany as a business location”.

So far, however, Merkel and Leyen have promised too much. The EU has become an epicentre of the pandemic; Germany has also fallen behind.

At the same time, protests against the Corona measures are swelling. Riots broke out again in the Netherlands, and resistance is also stirring in other EU countries.

The “Great Reset” is not a promise for many people in this crisis. It sounds more like a threat of even more coercive state measures….

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