“Germans back new EU course”

For once, European politicians in Brussels and Berlin have a reason to be cheerful: The majority of Germans are in favour of the new EU course and the debt-financed Corona recovery fund. But there is a catch.

The good news comes from the ZDF Politbarometer: For 66% of the respondents the EU is heading in the right direction with the new Corona recovery fund.

A total of 62 percent are in favour of taking on debt – as are most supporters of the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Left Party and the Greens. A total of 32 percent, including 72 percent of AfD supporters, do not agree.

The majority of Germans are therefore in solidarity with Italy, Spain or France. The times when former finance minister Schäuble argued with the “Swabian housewife” and forced crisis countries like Greece into harmful austerity are over for the time being.

But unfortunately there is a catch. For one thing, the new aid is tied to reform requirements. For Italy or Spain, this could mean austerity measures, for example in the case of the new basic income. On the other hand, the aid will expire after three years and will be over as early as 2023.

Chancellor Merkel has pushed this through. The new course, which the Germans like so much, is to remain an exception for a limited period of time, after which the debts must be paid off. Since the new EU budget has been cut, this will unevitably lead to new conflicts.

Merkel has bought some time, but she has not explained the background of her decision. Therefore, the approval of the new course could soon crumble again – at the latest when the bill comes.

Or, to put it in positive terms: if you want the EU to maintain the new course, you have to take a stand against Merkel. Whether there is a majority in Germany for this is a completely different matter…

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