Election polls: Suddenly everything seems possible

Shortly before the end of the summer break, there are still no signs of a real election campaign in Germany. Political disenchantment is on the rise, and with it uncertainty in the polls. Suddenly, anything seems possible.

When it comes to the question of the chancellor, 50 percent of respondents say that they are not convinced by any of the candidates. The dissatisfied are thus just as numerous as the supporters of Baerbock, Laschet and Scholz.

CDU leader Laschet and the Green Party’s Baerbock continue to lose approval, coming in at only 13 and 16 percent, respectively (both down 2). SPD man Scholz is still ahead, but 21 percent is really not a good result.

At least Scholz can now hope that the SPD will catch up with the Greens. This is suggested by the latest polls from INSA and Infratest. But 18 percent is still less for the SPD than in 2017 (20.5).

Overall, uncertainty is increasing. Black-green seems just as possible as Jamaica, a traffic light or a Germany coalition. Additional uncertainty is being created by the Free Voters, who are feeling the wind in their sails.

If they succeed in entering the Bundestag or if the AfD makes gains, it will be difficult to find a stable government majority.

FDP leader Lindner could then tip the scales. He has already expressed interest in the post of finance minister – and is thus challenging co-Green Party leader Habeck…

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