Von der Leyen’s five explosive secrets

Even as the top candidate for the CDU, EU leader von der Leyen is dragging a few unpleasant affairs with her that could pop up at any time. “Follow the Money” has tracked down five of them.

The website lists five cases in which the EU Commission refuses to provide information. That is why there is hardly anything to read or hear about them in the media. Here they are:

  • The SMS-Pfizer affair. This is about vaccines worth billions that von der Leyen is said to have ordered from Pfizer boss Bourla by text message. Several court proceedings are ongoing, and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is also investigating.
  • The Pegasus affair. This involves spy software called Pegasus, which is also alleged to have been used to spy on MEPs. Poland, Spain and Greece are apparently involved – but the EU Commission is keeping everything under wraps.
  • Secret minutes of Commission meetings. Some documents are kept under lock and key for 30 years – despite public interest. Because there were several cases in which the EU Commissioners clashed with von der Leyen.
  • The luxury trips of EU Commissioner Schinas. Among other things, the Greek was a guest in Qatar, which is involved in a corruption affair in the EU Parliament that has still not been resolved (“Qatargate”). However, he does not want to disclose his trips and their costs; VDL covers for him.
  • The use of EU billions from the Corona recovery fund. The EU Commission refuses to provide any information on the conditions it imposes on the EU states for disbursement – and on the use of the money. Tens of billions of euros are at stake!

All the details on the “Follow the money” website. More EU affairs here (German blog