Iran, UK and the EU sanctions

The escalation in the Gulf continues. After Great Britain, Iran has now also arrested a tanker – apparently in retaliation for a British seizure off Gibraltar. And what is the EU doing?

The Europeans are showing solidarity with the British. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the situation in the Gulf had become “even more serious and dangerous” as a result of the Iranian action.

“It’s about preventing war,” the SPD politician stressed.

If he means that seriously, then he would also have to admonish the British. For weeks they have been doing everything they can to fuel the conflict with Iran – and to draw the EU into it.

It began with the confiscation of an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar. Allegedly the British struck because the ship wanted to undermine EU sanctions against Syria.

But these EU sanctions only apply to Syria – and not to other countries. In contrast to the US sanctions, the European sanctions do not have an “extraterritorial” effect.

So the British cannot invoke EU law if they detain the Iranian tanker. If the EU leaders were to say this out loud, they would not only be more credible.

They could also really do something for peace…

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