Von der Leyen macht auch mobil – auf dem Papier

Irak, Iran, Libyen: Auch die “geopolitische Kommission” kümmert sich um die Krisen dieser Welt. Bei einer Sondersitzung ließ Präsidentin von der Leyen ein Dokument diskutieren, das wir sehr treffend finden. Es wurde vom “Berlaymonster” geleakt.

Hier ist das Papier (Vorsicht, Satire):

Und hier ist die offizielle Erklärung (Vorsicht, keine Satire):

The current crisis deeply affects not only the region but all of us. And the use of weapons must stop now to give space to dialogue.

We are called upon to do everything possible to rekindle talks. There cannot be enough of that.

The European Union in its own way has a lot to offer.

We have established and time tested relations with many actors in the region and beyond to de-escalate the situation.

I asked High Representative and the Commission Vice-President Josep Borrell today in College to debrief on the developments and on his contacts as well as actions undertaken so far. He will provide you with more details.

In the medium term, as coordinator of JCPOA, Josep Borrell, you will spare no efforts to reach out to all participants to safeguard the Iranian nuclear deal.

And moreover, the College also analysed potential consequences of the current crisis on the European Union.

For example in the areas of transport, energy, or neighbourhood and migration, but also the economic development, the stabilisation and the reconstruction the European Union is doing in these areas. The European Union is dedicated there and very much engaged in these areas and therefore its voice is heard.

We have looked comprehensively at the internal and external dimension of this issue to ensure that we act as effectively as possible.

EU Commission

Das “Berlaymonster” ist irgendwie knackiger, oder?

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