Tusk and Johnson in Blame Game

Blame Game on the Brexit: EU Council President Donald Tusk rejects vague British ideas on the controversial backstop for Ireland – and passes the Black Peter on to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In a letter to Tusk, Johnson had suggested replacing the backstop rules agreed with his predecessor Theresa May with an obligation to introduce “alternative solutions” as soon as possible during a transitional period.

But Tusk cannot warm up to this transitional solution. On the contrary: In a tweet he rejects the proposal brusquely and claims that those who reject the backstop and offer no alternatives want the reintroduction of a hard border in Ireland.

Tusk is thus passing the buck to the British Prime Minister. However, the EU president is concealing an important detail: a hard Brexit would not force the UK to introduce border controls, but the EU member Ireland.

Then the protection of the internal market will have priority…

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