And the winner is – Trump!

Just a week ago, Germany and France committed themselves to a common, efficient EU foreign policy. But at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Romania, the European voice was difficult to find.

German Foreign Minister Maas, in particular, was in trouble. Several EU states accuse him of having advanced far too far in the dispute over the EU line to Venezuela.

The SPD politician had set Venezuela’s ruler Maduro an ultimatum of eight days – but did not find a majority in the EU. The deadline is not reflected in the statement by EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Mogherini.

Now Maas goes even further – and demands “immediate” new elections. “Nicolás Maduro lacks any democratic legitimacy, he is not the democratically elected president of Venezuela,” emphasised the German Foreign Minister.

But what is to happen if Maduro does not give way voluntarily? What if the new elections come later? And what does Maas actually say about the revelations about his hopeful Guaido?

The self-appointed opposition leader has been prepared for months at secret meetings with diplomats in Canada, Brazil, Colombia and the USA, the news agency AP reports.

The nuclear agreement with Iran is also causing trouble. So far it has been supported by the “big three” of the EU, i.e. Germany, France and the UK. But now Italy has also been included – much to Spain’s annoyance.

In retaliation, the Spanish are now blocking an EU draft on Iran policy. As a consequence, the EU did not speak with “one voice”.

This did not hinder Maas to celebrate a late success: In the next few days a new special purpose vehicle is to be launched to finance Iran’s business and protect it from US sanctions.

Alas: The German “Handelsblatt” reports that EU aid to Iran has come too late – the American sanctions have driven almost all European companies out of the country.

If the Europeans now also follow the US course with Venezuela, as Maas apparently has in mind, there wouldn’t be much to see of an independent European foreign policy.

And the winner is – Trump!

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