Puigdemont wanted: Spain threatens Belgium

The crisis in Catalonia is affecting relations between Spain and Belgium. The government in Madrid has threatened the Belgian judiciary: Spain will not stand idly by if C. Puigdemont is not extradited.

Madrid had issued a new European arrest warrant against the separatist leader who had fled into exile in Belgium. The Belgian judiciary then heard Puigdemont, but postponed a decision until December.

This now leads to displeasure and incomprehension in Madrid. According to Catalan News, Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has threatened to “take action” if Puigdemont is not handed over swiftly. Quote:

“Spain, at least while we remain in government, will not understand if the Belgian state does not recognize the validity of Spanish democracy by refusing to place before our judiciary those who have been charged in an absolutely guaranteed manner.”

Catalan News

All this is at least unusual. It looks as if the Spanish central government is trying to interfere in Belgian justice. Do people in Spain doubt the Belgian rule of law?

And isn’t it rather the case that the judiciary in Madrid is (over)politicised? Wouldn’t this even be a case for the EU, which regularly denounces violations of the rule of law in Poland or Hungary?

Brussels (EU) is silent – just like Brussels (BE)…

Ohne Schlagwörter.