Now let’s talk about the real issues, please

The European elections are over, now the EU can finally turn its attention to the real issues. Because they were faded out in the election campaign – or they weren’t even up for election!

We are not talking about the climate policy that the Greens and the youth have successfully put on the agenda – but outside the established channels, with student demos and YouTube videos!

No, what is meant are the issues that were deliberately and systematically removed from the election: the Brexit, the EU budget and European foreign policy, in particular relations with the USA.

  • Brexit: Is the EU prepared to extend the deadline again on 31 October – or will it finally put an end to the tug-of-war? If so, will it also accept a no deal – or is it prepared to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement? It is an existential question which is also about democracy, namely the British question. The result of the European elections in the UK leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity …
  • EU budget: This is not – as in a real democracy – about the budget for the new legislature. It is about the 2021-2027 framework budget, which is not being negotiated by the European Parliament but by the Member States. The actual priorities will be set, including in climate policy. If the Greens are serious, they should start here – and now, not after everything has been settled.
  • Foreign policy: that was the big void in the election campaign. The EU has declared Russia a threat – but the announced disinformation campaign has failed to materialise. The EU politicians, on the other hand, had no idea about the real threats from the US. Now it is high time to defend ourselves against US President Donald Trump – and to appoint a new Foreign Affairs Commissioner who really defends the EU!

All this and much more could have been discussed by the heads of state and government when they met on Tuesday for the special EU summit in Brussels. The EU and Euro reforms are also still pending.

But surprise: none of this was on the agenda. Instead (as already two weeks ago in Sibiu) the summit was about posts and power struggles.

As if the EU had nothing more important to do! Above all, climate protection cannot wait…

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