Defenceless on Trump and Iran

And it made “psscht”. That’s how French people would describe the EU’s non-response to the new US sanctions against Iran. Nothing but hot air came from Brussels – Europe is defenceless in the struggle with President Trump.

Trump introduced the “toughest sanctions ever” (self-praise) with notable exceptions for Italy and Greece. Both EU countries may continue to import oil from Iran without fearing US sanctions for now.

For all others, however, strict restrictions apply, which are even to be enforced with the help of the financial services provider SWIFT. SWIFT is not based in Washington, however. It is based in Brussels – and is subject to EU law!

But there was no reaction from Brussels. The EU Commission merely referred to a statement made last Friday by EU foreign representative Mogherini. In it, the EU once again declared its support for the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The promised Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the handling of business with Iran, on the other hand, is still waiting. And a “European SWIFT”, which German Foreign Minister Maas once thought of, is also not in sight.

The EU is silently and defencelessly entering the biggest foreign policy conflict since the war in Iraq. There is no such thing as a “Europe that protects” (Juncker) or a “sovereign Europe” (Macron).

We have not even made ourselves “a bit more independent”, as Chancellor Merkel promised. This is a shame, given that the nuclear agreement with Iran – according to the official EU doctrine – is of strategic importance for Europe’s security…

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