Dangerous Overstretch

The Eastern Partnership has plunged Ukraine into crisis and war. Nevertheless, the EU and six former Soviet republics meet again in Riga. The Eastern partners want to join the club – but the EU is not prepared.

“Overstretched” : This is what EUrope already is. The latest members Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia did not integrate well, Croatia is mired in crisis.

Even in the Balkans, which is poised for membership, it does not go ahead. The EU-colony Kosovo is faced with mass emigration, in Macedonia there is political chaos.

And now comes the Eastern Partnership. From the beginning, it was connected with war – first in Georgia, then in Ukraine. The sanctions against Russia arranged anything, on the contrary.

President Poroshenko is now apparently on escalation course; his new advisory panel, which includes US hawksMcCain, does not bode well. In addition, Kiev demands a haircut – yes, we can !?

The other partner countries are hardly worth mentioning – except that corruption and chaos prevail in countries such as Moldova or dictatorship and oppression in Belarus or Azerbaijan.

The only thing they have in commo is actually that they are former Soviet Republics – and that they strive to west. But that is not enough for a true partnership. Only for new trouble with Moscow.

The EU has expanded too quick, too far. It should not nurture any new, dangerous illusions in Riga. But exactly that’s the great danger. After all, it is about new markets – and geopolitics …