Arming the “Peace Union” (without asking the voters)

That’s how fast it can go: In the record time of only six months, the EU has set up a new “defence fund”. It has already been conceived and financed until 2027 – whereas the new EU framework budget has not even been adopted!

An impressive 13 billion euros have been earmarked for research, development and procurement of military equipment. And that is not all. Quote from the press release of the EU Commission:

The European Defence Fund will complement other EU programmes proposed by the Commission, in particular the €6.5 billion earmarked for the Connecting Europe Facility to enhance the EU’s strategic transport infrastructures to make them fit for military mobility, and the proposal for a new €100 billion research and innovation programme Horizon Europe.

If we add everything up, we can probably speak of massive armament. It is directed above all against Russia – “military mobility” means nothing more than letting tanks roll eastwards, to the Russian border.

But a “suitable” threat analysis is not available. Quite the opposite: in response to a parliamentary question from the Left, the Federal Government of Germany declared that it knew nothing about Russian plans to attack!

So far the EU has not even proved what the added value of its new arms fund could be. What will be saved elsewhere – as has been said so far – if the “Peace Union” itself starts rearming?

In my view, however, the biggest scandal is that this seven-year plan is being launched shortly before the European elections. The electorate should not and will not have any chance of stopping rearmament.

As in many other cases, the decision was taken in a non-transparent and undemocratic trilogue. The European Parliament has already agreed that behind closed doors…

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