Trump extends trade war to the EU

Now it’s getting serious: US President Trump has again threatened punitive duties on (German) cars – and linked this to talks about a kind of TTIP light. Chlorine chicken and agricultural products should also be on the agenda.

After the temporary cease-fire in the trade war with China, Trump is now turning his attention to the EU. Without a new agreement with the US government, Europeans are threatened with “very high tariffs”, Trump told US broadcaster CNBC.

This is not just about German cars, but also about French champagne and other EU goods – because Trump is also targeting those countries that are taking action against Google & Co. with a digital tax.

Worse still, he combines his threat with a demand to negotiate on agricultural products and subsidies as well. The announced industrial tariff agreement would become a kind of TTIP light – as feared.

So far the EU has ruled this out. France, in particular, is strictly against it. But the EU front is already crumbling again. Germany would not mind talking about agricultural policy if it helps Daimler & Co.

And the new, Irish Trade Commissioner Hogan has signalled his willingness to respond to the blackmailing demands from Washington. Trump is already rejoicing: “They will make a deal because they have to!”

This could be an acid test for “European sovereignty”.

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