Rage against new EU budget – and Merkel’s red lines

The European Parliament is threatening to “go to the limit” if the austerity measures in the new EU budget for 2021 to 2027 are laid down. It is also a revolt against Chancellor Merkel.

Hand in hand with the Netherlands and other net contributors, the German head of government is trying to keep the EU on a strict austerity course for the next seven years.

The seven-year budget should not be increased, as the Commission, Parliament and a majority of member states are demanding, in order to finance new expenditure, for example in climate protection.

No – Merkel is sticking to the previous EU contribution of just over one percent, which she fought for with London – in spite of Brexit, which is tearing a hole of around 75 billion euros into the community coffers by 2027.

The Chancellor also wants to keep the German contribution rebate. Even Merkel’s party friend Oettinger, when he was still EU Budget Commissioner, has called for an end to all discounts.

This is now driving the European Parliament onto the barricades. The Parliament is “ready to go to the limit and reject the budget”, said President Sassoli in Strasbourg.

The tough stance is also supported by German MEPs – right down to the CDU/CSU, who normally do not threaten the Chancellor.

Parliament is calling for an increase to 1.3 percent of economic output – and own resources from which the EU could finance itself, independent of Merkel & Co.

A new kind of plastic tax is under discussion. The Financial Transaction Tax could also fill the EU coffers, if it comes about after all.

Actually, the German government has promised to increase Germany’s EU contribution. But Merkel doesn’t seem to remember this – she probably has other worries right now…

P.S. The Parliament also spoke out against the proposal of Council president Michel, which sticks to austerity…

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