Has Merkel written off her Bavarian “Spitz”?

Shortly before the European elections, there are increasing indications that Chancellor Angela may already have written off “her” top candidate Manfred Weber. Apparently, she is speculating on the top position at the ECB.

The “EU Observer” reports that Merkel had already sent out corresponding signals at the special summit in Sibiu a week ago. “Germany is putting pressure on the President of the , Jens Weidmann, to succeed Mario Draghi as President of the ECB,” reports the Insider Service.

Süddeutsche” also writes about Weidmann. His chances of succeeding Draghi have increased – provided the French claim the post of President of the EU Commission for themselves. Then Manfred Weber would have to leave – and Merkel doesn’t seem to oppose that.

Word of this has even spread to the CSU in Munich. They fear that Weber could end up being fobbed off with the post of parliamentary president. The same had happened to Martin Schulz, the SPD’s top candidate at the time, five years ago.

What is certain is that Merkel avoided any public commitment to Weber. All the more offensive is France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron’s appearance. He has already ruled out the nomination of Weber as the successor to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The decision should not be made in the European elections, but two days later: Then Merkel, Macron and the other EU leaders will meet for a special summit in Brussels to award the top jobs. Perhaps Merkel will explain what priority she has until then.

Does the Chancellor want the top position in the EU Commission – or the tobjob in the ECB, where monetary policy and the assets of German savers are at stake? That should not only interest EU insiders, but also the voters…

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