What the Brits don’t tell us on Skripal

Now there is hardly any doubt left: The former double agent Skripal was poisoned by the Russian secret service, as the government in London has always claimed. However, the British are not telling the whole truth.

Skripal is a traitor and a “scumbag”, Russian President Putin said according to “Guardian”. He has thus indirectly admitted that the Russian defector should be “punished” – probably with the poison gas attack in Salisbury.

So far Putin has denied this. Recently, however, he had become involved in contradictions. When the British government published surveillance photos of the suspected Russian attackers, he made jokes about it.

Now the tsar’s laughter has passed – his language speaks of vindictiveness. But even now it remains unclear where the assassins got the poison gas Novichok from. Did it really come from Russia? London did not prove it yet.

It is also still unclear what Skripal was actually doing in Salisbury. He should not have led a quiet pensioner’s life. Instead, he is said to have worked for four Western secret services at once, according to “telepolis” (German online news).

Among them was also the British secret service MI6, reports the “New York Times”. Skripal allegedly provided explosive information about corruption in Putin’s environment, the newspaper reports with reference to a new book of revelations.

This would also explain why Putin is so angry. But why don’t we learn all this from London? Why do the British still pretend that Skripal was an innocent pensioner – and MI6 completely unaware?

Why do the Brits present themselves as innocent victims who must be protected by the EU – if they (and their European intelligence colleagues) used Skripal for offensive actions against Russia?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator