This election is a mess

Now it’s official: Great Britain will definitely take part in the European elections – even if the Parliament in London should agree on the Brexit Treaty beforehand. This will make the election a mess.

The British government declared that even in the case of a positive Brexit vote there would not be enough time to pass the necessary laws and cancel the election. This has many negative consequences for the EU, according to the news agency AFP. Here are a few key points:

  • NO LIMITATION OF THE EU PARLIAMENT – as was actually planned;
  • OTHER MEP IN THE WAIT LOOP – above all French candidates look into the tubes;
  • EXTRA COSTS – the European Parliament remains as big as before and therefore just as expensive.

What is particularly annoying, however, is that the British are now also voting for the new head of the Commission. With almost ten percent of the votes, the British would have considerable influence on the occupation of the powerful post until 2024 – although they will probably soon turn their backs on the Union itself.

This strengthens the Social Democrats, the Liberals and the Greens – but also the EU opponents on the island, who will now be allowed to move into the new EU Parliament on a massive scale. This could have “negative consequences for the balance of power” in the parliament, warns the Brussels think tank EPC.

CSU Spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber in particular must be concerned – because he must not hope for additional British MEPs. The Tories had already abandoned their alliance with Weber’s EPP years ago. Weber has therefore already complained several times about the participation of the British in the elections.

The Brexit representative of the European Parliament is also annoyed. He was afraid of a “poisoned” European election, the liberal Guy Verhofstadt got excited. The European Parliament becomes a dovecot: “British deputies fly in, British deputies fly out”.

A mess, isn’t it? Nevertheless: Those who want to limit the influence of the British and strengthen the parliament should still go to the polls. Because it’s not the MEPs who are to blame for this disaster, nor the Spitzenkandidaten – but the heads of state and government who won’t let the British go…

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