The self-castration of European foreign policy

Despite the invasion of Syria and the threats against Germany and the EU, Turkey remains a “strategic partner” of the Union. New sanctions are not planned.

This was said by a high-ranking EU representative at the EU summit in Brussels. He even played down the question of an arms embargo. This was a purely national decision; the EU had no say.

Thus the dwarfing and self-castration of European foreign policy continues. While the US has already imposed sanctions on Turkey, the EU ropists continue their failed appeal.

This is doubly incomprehensible. For Turkey is not only blatantly and deliberately violating the EU strategy in the Middle East, which is based on a political solution for Syria. It is also continuing its illegal drilling off Cyprus.

But not even EU sanctions have been imposed so far. The foreign ministers have only given the order to prepare punitive measures. They are postponing the reaction, which has been overdue for weeks, to the long bank.

The understanding attitude towards Turkey stands in sharp contrast to the harsh and decisive action against Russia. This European power has also once been a “strategic partner” of the EU.

But after the takeover of the Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine, Russia was deprived of this status. In addition, the EU has imposed sanctions, which are now almost automatically extended…

If one also considers that Russia’s Tsar Putin and the Turkish Sultan Erdogan work closely together in Syria and apparently intend to “rearrange” the country to their liking, one can only become dizzy.

The EU not only applies double standards – it has apparently lost every standard in foreign policy. This does not prevent the EU leaders from talking about geopolitics – for the Western Balkans…

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