The political earthquake reaches France

At first sight everything is as expected: The EU supporter Macron and the EU opponent Le Pen go into the 2. round of elections in France. But behind this is a political earthquake – which reminds us of the UK & US.

“While Germany is heading towards a second Grand Coalition, France has just deselected its political elite.”

With these words my blog post of 30 January began. Three months later they have been confirmed. After the socialists, the Republicans also faced a historic defeat.

Neither the socialist candidate Hamon nor the Republican Fillon have made it – if the first extrapolations are right – into the selection. Socialists and Gaullists lie on the ground defeated.

Nothing to worry about, there is now a strong center, says Head of German Chancellory, Altmaier. But that’s is an illusion. There is no party behind Macron, he does not even have enough staff for the formation of a government.

On the other hand, Le Pen seems to have improved her ratings – with around a million more votes. The radical left has also gained importance, even though their idol Mélenchon has apparently failed.

So it is a political earthquake that has occurred in France. It reminds us of the events in the UK and the US, where the old political system has also collapsed.

This is something to be considered by all those, who still demand a “keep it up” in Brussels or Berlin. When you look at the results according to the current EU policy defenders, there is not much left…