The Disenchantment of Volodymyr Z.

First he wanted immediate accession to Nato, then at least a quick one. But at the summit in Vilnius, Volodymyr Zelensky didn’t get what he asked for. The celebrated “leader of the free world” is disenchanted.

So far, everything seemed to be going his way. Zelensky was celebrated like a hero in Washington, London and Brussels, the media were at his feet, the experts parroted his slogans.

Until the very end, German advisers like C. Major demanded that Ukraine be admitted to Nato. At the very least, binding guarantees were needed. Anything else would be “absurd”, Zelensky said on his arrival in Vilnius.

And now this: “We will be able to invite Ukraine to join the alliance when the allies agree and conditions are met,” the summit declaration says.

That is actually even less than in Bucharest in 2008, because the preconditions now include democratisation – and whatever else the allies come up with.

Selenskyj is empty-handed, his magic no longer works. He has tried too often to draw Nato directly into the war with Russia, and he has not shown his cards well enough. Not even the CIA can see through it.

In the end, he gambled too high – and threatened that he would only come to Vilnius if the USA and Germany cleared the way. But US President Biden and Chancellor Scholz stood firm.

He had travelled to Vilnius with a “strong belief in a strong Nato”, Selenskyj told thousands of fans. It sounded like a magic incantation. But it did not work.

Now not only Selenskyj is disenchanted. The media, which have developed a veritable cult around the former actor, also look foolish. They have fallen for Ukrainian propaganda.

The Nato decision is also embarrassing for all the experts who have put on the Ukrainian glasses. They now have to learn the hard way what German and American interests are – and how Nato works…

P.S. Of course, the fact that Selenskyj has no military successes to show also contributes to his disenchantment – and distancing. Nato is directly involved in the Ukrainian counter-offensive, but does not want to be associated with the setbacks and disappointments of the past weeks…

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