“No more 2015” – Now it happened again

For months the Turkish Sultan Erdogan has been threatening to send migrants to Europe to extort more money. Now he has put his threat into action. But the EU does not know what to do.

“The refugee crisis of 2015 must not be repeated”. This is what Chancellor Merkel, former Council President Tusk and dozens of other EU politicians have praised. The “protection of the external borders” is a priority, Brussels said in 2016.

But now that Erdogan is deliberately sending thousands of migrants – most of whom did not come from Syria – to the Greek border, the EU seems surprised and unprepared. Just like in 2015, when Turkey already experienced a mass exodus.

Neither the border protection agency Frontex, which is actually responsible, nor the “geopolitical EU Commission” had been seen. And instead of practicing the “language of power” (von der Leyen), the EU avoided any critical words about Erdogan.

When thousands of people had already arrived at the border river Evros, Brussels was still clinging to the refugee deal that Chancellor Merkel had arranged with Erdogan in 2016. The deal had to be saved, it was said.

This is not the language of power, but the whimper of powerlessness. The geopolitical analysis is also weak. Erdogan is a driven man, because the situation in the Syrian Idlip is getting out of control, Brussels and Berlin said.

The fact that the Sultan has triggered the crisis with targeted disinformation and is using it for his hybrid warfare remains, of course, below EU radar. Disinformation exists only in Russia, after all, only Putin is waging hybrid wars.

Just how helpless the EU is is also shown by the fact that everyone is now seeking advice from Merkel again – not only Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, but also Bulgarian head of government Borrisov and Migration Commissioner Schinas.

But no solution can be expected from Merkel. For her policy of appeasement has just crashed to pieces. The only thing she can think of is to continue on the failed course – with new billions for Erdogan.

And of course there should also be new sanctions – but not against Turkey, which is breaking all agreements with the EU and harassing Greece, but against Russia. It is much worse than in 2015…

For at that time the EU at least stayed out of the war in Syria. Now, however, it could be drawn in by Erdogan – and thus become part of his hybrid warfare, with all the risks that entails.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator – The original text (in German) is here

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