Brussels overturns compulsory masks

Finally! From 9 June, it will no longer be compulsory to wear a face mask outdoors in Brussels. Restaurants will be allowed to open their interiors. But travelling remains a problem.

COVID-19 is on the retreat in the Belgian capital. Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort and the mayors of the 19 municipalities have therefore decided to overturn the compulsory wearing of masks in public spaces, which has been in force since October 2020.

Only in public transport and in crowded places do you still have to cover your mouth and nose. Otherwise, the motto is (finally): Souriez – please smile!

In addition, restaurants are allowed to open their interiors. Admittedly with restrictions and protective measures – but at least. This should also relieve the pressure on the terraces, which have sprung up all over the place.

The biggest problem remains travel – the very issue that the EU should really be concerned with. After all, freedom of travel applies in the Schengen area. But, as so often in the Corona crisis, the Commission has failed.

Completely different and often contradictory travel rules still apply in the middle of EUrope, Belgians still have to pay for their corona tests themselves (if they are not prescribed by a doctor).

This prevents many from taking the summer holiday promised by the EU. At least, as of 1 July, two tests per person will be free of charge – but only if you also get vaccinated…

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