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Macron and the German question

The German question is back. Except this time it is not rebellious Greeks, Europe-tired Brits or nationalistic Polish, who openly challenge the German dominance in the European Union.


The political earthquake reaches France

At first sight everything is as expected: The EU supporter Macron and the EU opponent Le Pen go into the 2. round of elections in France. But behind this is a political earthquake – which reminds us of the UK & US.


The end of the European Union…

…as we know it. Not even “Der Spiegel” writes about this, even though it’s becoming increasingly clear. Chancellor Merkel is no longer leading – and Commission President Juncker no longer wants to. (German version here)


European Union first

Ein Plädoyer für den Freihandel will Kanzlerin Merkel bei ihrem ersten Treffen mit US-Präsident Trump abgegeben. Doch das reicht nicht. Denn auch in Europa sind Protektionismus und Nationalismus auf dem Vormarsch. – Ein Gastkommentar.


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