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The Dutch Taliban

Mit den Niederlanden ist das erste “Triple-A”-Land in die Krise gerutscht. Die Wirtschaft steckt in einer Rezession, die Politik wirkt orientierungslos. Nun fordert der Rechtspopulist G. Wilders sogar den Austritt aus der Eurozone, um den Hilfszahlungen an Griechenland zu entkommen. Das ist zwar Theater, dürfte aber auch in Deutschland für Stirnrunzeln sorgen – schließlich arbeiten […]


The last battle for the Euro?

In the Euro crisis, the decisive battle is looming ahead of the EU summit in mid october. Given the desperate situation in Greece and the new escalation of the banking crisis, the Euro leaders muss take some tough decisions. They have to answer four strategic questions:


Recipe for a desaster

The European Union has set up a new instrument in order to put more pressure on Greece: the phone conference call. The so-called troika (EU, ECB, IMF) used this brand new tool several times last week. And it worked: The government in Athens agreed to a new series of budget cuts, promising to sack some […]


Merkel puts the Euro at risk

Last week, Germany proved to be the greatest threat to the stability of the Euro zone, together with Greece. The German press is suggesting that this is mainly due to the liberal party leader Rösler, who is loosely talking about an „orderly“ bankruptcy in Greece. But the main responsibility lies with Chancellor Merkel and her finance […]


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