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Sudden death of a business model

Cyprus and the euro group have finally agreed on a rescue package. But after this “rescue” Europe will not be the same. With a bail-in,  compulsory levies, an ECB ultimatum and capital controls arbitrariness is drawn into the monetary union. And the German dominance is stronger than ever.


Is Italy a turning point?

Zwei Tage nach der Wahl in Italien haben sich die Märkte beruhigt. Umso heftiger tobt die politische Debatte: Ist Italien unregierbar? War der  Sparkurs ein Fehler (auch wenn Merkel dies bestreitet)? Oder hat die Wahl auch ihr Gutes? Dies meint J. Hopkin von der London School of Economics: Er hofft auf ein Ende der Austeritätspolitik. 


Why Rehn is wrong

The EU Commission is pessimistic: The recession will continue in 2013, unemployment will reach new highs, deficit targets are to be missed. Apart from the fact that so far all the predictions proved wrong: the criteria for assessing the situation are questionable, key indicators are missing.


Germany is the New England

At the possibly decisive EU budget summit Angela Merkel has called for further cuts. Although she calls for “more Europe”, Merkel wants to spend less. At the same time she is getting even closer to the British prime minister Cameron. This raises the question: Is Germany the new England of European politics? The chain of […]


The new German question

On the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, there is not much to celebrate. True, Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande stopped barking at each other. But it is in vain that we are waiting for joint European initiatives. If I am not mistaken, this anniversary marks essentially one thing: the emergence of a German Europe. […]


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