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From very bad to much worse

Disillusion is spreading after Trump’s Europe trip. The Süddeutsche Zeitung complains about how “Trump destroys Europe’s illusions”. But the EU is still not fighting back – even if Chancellor Merkel pretends.


Macron and the German question

The German question is back. Except this time it is not rebellious Greeks, Europe-tired Brits or nationalistic Polish, who openly challenge the German dominance in the European Union.


The political earthquake reaches France

At first sight everything is as expected: The EU supporter Macron and the EU opponent Le Pen go into the 2. round of elections in France. But behind this is a political earthquake – which reminds us of the UK & US.


The end of the European Union…

…as we know it. Not even “Der Spiegel” writes about this, even though it’s becoming increasingly clear. Chancellor Merkel is no longer leading – and Commission President Juncker no longer wants to. (German version here)


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