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The Brexit Trap

The EU is increasing the pressure on Great Britain. London ought to present concrete proposals, according to chief negotiator Barnier. His counterpart, Davis, did just that. Brexit is proving to be an impossible undertaking – the Brits are trapped.


Burning down the house

No Merkel, no Schäuble, no Juncker: Greece has taken a time-out from its supervisors during the holiday season. The Greeks have different worries – which should also concern the EU.


“Europa am Abgrund” – really?

Während die britische Regierung offen über den Brexit streitet, diskutieren britische Intellektuelle über die Frage, ob und wann die EU auseinander brechen könnte. Und das sogar auf hohem Niveau!


Why the EU lacks a position on the Middle East

Qatar responded to the ultimatum imposed by other Gulf countries, as the tensions in the region keep escalating. While the US is very active, the EU seems to lack the ability to have a coherent position on these developments. Why?


From very bad to much worse

Disillusion is spreading after Trump’s Europe trip. The Süddeutsche Zeitung complains about how “Trump destroys Europe’s illusions”. But the EU is still not fighting back – even if Chancellor Merkel pretends.


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