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“The situation is desperate”

Bisher kannten wir das nur aus Südamerika oder Russland: Die Bloggerin Daphne Caruana Galizia aus dem EU-Land Malta wurde durch eine Autobombe getötet. Als Zeichen der Solidarität bringe ich hier ihren letzter Blogpost. Er handelt von den Panama-Papers, einem ehemaligen Mitarbeiter von Premier Muscat – und der “hoffnungslosen Lage”.


A widening gap

This weekend’s Bundestag elections are not likely to bring as shocking a result as the UK’s vote to leave the EU or the victory of President Trump in the United States, but much less is required in Germany to illustrate how politics is changing there too. – A guest post from Budapest/Hungary.


The Brexit Trap

The EU is increasing the pressure on Great Britain. London ought to present concrete proposals, according to chief negotiator Barnier. His counterpart, Davis, did just that. Brexit is proving to be an impossible undertaking – the Brits are trapped.


Burning down the house

No Merkel, no Schäuble, no Juncker: Greece has taken a time-out from its supervisors during the holiday season. The Greeks have different worries – which should also concern the EU.


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