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Watch Trump’s Fake News from Sweden

Where does the fake news from Sweden come from? It seems like US President Trump referred to a video from FOX news called “What the US could learn from Sweden’s refugee crisis”. Here it is.


All you need to know about Schulz (without make-up)

The magazine “Spiegel” presented him as the new Messiah. Other media also celebrate M. Schulz, the chancellor candidate. And it’s true, he’s like a fresh breeze in Berlin. However, he was not the same man in Brussels.


“Trump wants global regime change”

What is really happening in the US? After the travel ban, many politicians in the EU are desperately asking this question. Here is what W. Münchau from the FT thinks:


Does the anglo-saxon axis threaten Europe?

The beginning of 2017 doesn’t seem to bode well from the European Union. But things are at least encouraging on one front.


The World Before Trump

Shortly before US President assumes his office, the world is holding its breath. EU politicians especially fear the worst. Meanwhile, they are making light of the current state of the world – a critical balance.


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